Steps for Hosting an Event Here in Sunny Florida

Call Us or email us and we can help you design and create an event for your participants at your site or ours "It is easy just click the button below"

Adaptive Equipment For a Variety of Disabilities and Situations as Well as Boats and Safety Gear to Take Care of Almost Any Needs You May Have 

Professional Water Ski Safety Personnel to Provide a Safe and Effective Water ski Experience for Your Participants and Staff 

And a  Great Team of Volunteers to Work With Including Drivers and Safety Personnel to  Help Keep Your Event Safe and Efficient for Your Peace of Mind

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What Do You Need to Host an Event ?

Make sure you understand these three things to be able to host a water ski event with Ann's Angels AWF


Site or Location 

Whether it is your own site or our Home site you need to make  sure you have a proper site for this kind of program and a site with proper access for the kind of disabilities you will have at your clinic.

We may be able to help you with​ this.


Funding or Sponsor

Funding is key. If you have a sponsor or you have the funding necessary, Make sure you have adequate funding to make your event run smoothly without interruption 

​We May Be Able to help you with this.


Participants or Events

Make sure you have participants before you create the Event. Creating a event and hoping participants show up is the most common mistake made when trying to host an event program like this.

We may be able to help you with this.​

Video from a recent event

We may be Able to Help You Create and Train Your Program 

We have hosted programs all over the US at their sites to train your staff how to do what we do safely and effectily. 

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