Events are for Groups to Experience and See What Water Skiing is All About

Programs, Mucinipalities and Other Nonprofits or Clubs Can Book Event for Their Members to be Able to Experience Water Skiing in a Safe Controlled Environment

Help Us Help The Disabled Community at Your Site or Ours 

With equipment for Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

It's Easy, Just Host a Event With Ann's Angels AWF

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What are the Benefits to Sports for People with Disabilites

Benefit 1

Sports helps us to move more. Movement helps the body release toxins and makes all functions of the body work better. That said recreational sports has a beneficial and therapeutic quality to it. Exercise helps all of us including those with disabilities to move better and live longer.

Benefit 2

Sports and recreation have a social and mental therapeutic quality to them. It helps us to react and become more outgoing with our fellow competitors. It also allows us to expand our circle of friends and become mentally stronger and better equipped to handle life skills in general. 

Benefit 3

Sports strengthens the body. Whatever we face in life is made better with a stronger body. Sports helps with circulation, muscle memory and strength. It helps with respiratory and strengthens the heart. It also releases endorphins that make us feel alive and happy. All of this helps you to be a better you.

Video of an Event at Our Home Site in Winter Haven Florida

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